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Part 1. Choose the correct item.
1.  ... the floor yet?
a) Are you washing                b) Did you wash                c) Have you washed

2.  He comes at ... same time.
a) a                      b) the                    c) -

3.  Tom is the best pupil. He ... the best pupil in his class.
a) is always          b) was always        c) has always been

4.  What are your plans? What ... read?
a) will you            b) do you              c) are you going to

5. Tom ... a mobile telephone when he was ten.
a) has                  b) had                    c) has had

6. Tom ... the mobile telephone since April.
a) has                    b) had                    c) has had

7. There are no ... in this group.
a) sportsmen         b) sportsman          c) child

8. Boys, you'll have to do everything ....
a) yourself            b) yourselves          c) themselves

9. He's just built a tower, ...?
a) isn't he              b) hasn't he            c) has he

10. - Do you want to decorate the room with me?
- OK. I ... meet you here at 6.
a) shall                b) -                        c) am going to

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